Vision & Mission

Our Vision

St. Francis  D’ Assisi Senior secondary school envisions an integral and holistic development of the child so as to enable him /her to live a free, just and honest life empowering him /her to face the world with zest and enthusiasm and to lead every child to WISDOM through an enlightened learning ambience, where in Franciscan Values of peace,Love and Hope are instilled and integrated.

  • Is honest and Sincere

  • Is self-disciplined

  • behaves with concern and empathy

  • Is obedient

  • Aspires and works for social Harmony

Our Mission

  • To educate every child, promoting high quality educational environment, holistic development, academic excellence and responsible global citizenship.

  • Develop a creative mind, which will search for a new way of being and doing at every point of life.

  • Instill in their minds an aspiration for leadership towards growth and change.

  • To provide a safe ,stimulating and friendly learning environment

  • To recognize and develop the potential of each student

  • To foster values of good citizenship