Rules & Regulation


  1. Morning assembly is compulsory for all. All students shall reach the school before 8.55 A.M.
  2. Cleanliness of person and clothes is expected from every student. Girls must tie their hair neatly and boys must cut their hair short.
  3. Discourtesy towards teachers or any non-teaching staff shall invite disciplinary action.
  4. Regular attendance is compulsory. The minimum attendance required by a student to appear for the yearly examination is 80%.
  5. Irregular attendance, habitual negligence of school work, obscenity in word or act, or serious misconduct are sufficient reasons for dismissal.
  6. No child suffering from contagious diseases will be allowed to attend the school.
  7. Every student shall bring the school organizer
  8. to the class daily without fail. If it is lost, the student will have to buy a new one immediately.

  9. Playing in the class room is strictly prohibited.
  10. Classroom shall be kept neat and tidy; throwing bits of paper or waste materials on the floor is strictly forbidden.
  11. Students are responsible for the safe custody of their belongings; notebooks and textbooks shall be kept neat.
  12. Students are not allowed to go to classrooms other than their own during the interval.
  13. No student shall leave the school during the school hours without the permision of the principal.
  14. No ornaments other than earrings/studs are permitted and no complaint regarding the loss of ornament shall be entertained.
  15. CD’S Mobile Phones, Pen Drive etc shall not be brought to the school, any violation may lead to severe disciplinary action.
  16. Exemption from attendance on the assessment days will be granted only by the principal.
  17. Visitors are not allowed during the class hours.
  18. Parents are not allowed to meet teachers during the school hours
  19. Telephone calls are not allowed during the school hours. According to the nature of the request, permission is granted only bu the principal.
  20. All fees shall be paid before the examination. No student shall be allowed to appear for the examination until the dues are cleared.
  21. While passing along corridors during the class hours, Students shall not make noise. No shouting or whistling is allowed in the classrooms.